The exhibition that became synonymous to quality renews its rendezvous for the 9th year in a row


A rich gastronomic journey begins at the “Cooking Greece” of the 8th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition

A special gastronomic experience takes place in the kitchen of “We cook Greece” from 04-06 February 2022, at MEC Paiania.

Distinguished chefs, observing all the necessary protection measures, will offer a unique interactive experience to the visitors of the exhibition, introducing them to the secrets of the culinary art, but also to the specialties of their particular homeland.

Useful cooking techniques, secrets of everyday cuisine, but also gastronomic creations will monopolize the interest of the public of the 8th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition. A marathon of preparations and cooking “travels” the public to Crete, the Dodecanese, the Cyclades, Corfu, Macedonia, Central Greece and the Peloponnese through delicious local flavors. Savory and sweet preparations, local traditional products and original combinations invite the public to a unique tasty journey of memory and taste. At the 8th EXPOTROF, renowned chefs and sommelier guide us through the delicious paths of Greek cuisine, offering visitors to the exhibition the opportunity to taste unique gastronomic creations.

The favorite exhibition of the Food and Beverage sector EXPOTROF opens its gates from 04 to 06 February 2022 at MEC Paiania and welcomes professionals and friends of gastronomy in a three-day full of taste and business meetings.

By participating in the covid-free exhibition, industry professionals give a strong message about the need for physical exhibitions, trade contacts and the promotion of Greek premium products.

Virtual Β2B meetings

As part of the extroversion, the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, gives the opportunity to all its exhibitors to talk live with buyers from Greece and abroad, who do not have the opportunity to attend the physical exhibition. Through the electronic platform the exhibitors will present their services and products to the general public and will be able to make scheduled appointments, after the end of the physical exhibition, with the interested companies. From the comfort and safety of their own space, the exhibitors of the 8th EXPOTROF will have access to a list of buyers from the area of ​​catering, wholesale, hotels, which shows the dynamics of the exhibition for further internationalization in the future.

“We cook Greece”

Top chefs, sommeliers and the new generation of the industry will go on stage of “We cook Greece” this year and creating unique gastronomic recipes from the products of our exhibitors and participants in the AFFA 2021 awards. Traditional recipes and new techniques will meet again at stage of We cook Greece and they are expected to enchant with their creations.

Meeting point of the Regions

The 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition again this year is a meeting point of the Regions of the country. Central Greece, Crete, Macedonia, Ionian and Aegean with their producers give a potential “present” for another year, highlighting in the best possible way the treasures of our country, through targeted actions.

The 8th EXPOTROF, fully adapted to the new conditions that have been created due to the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to be even more crucial as it comes at a time when most of the industry economy is restarting.

With a sense of responsibility towards Greek producers, EXPOTROF welcomes in 2022 more than 300 Greek producers who have been awarded for their excellent quality products in domestic and international competitions.

At the same time, a rich program of delicious events awaits all those who love gastronomic explorations and special flavors. Distinguished chefs select products from the exhibitors and prepare unique gastronomic creations through live workshops and more. Visit the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition to:

  • Discover award-winning Greek products that stand out in Greece and abroad
  • make commercial agreements with professionals
  • enjoy premium products and chat directly with their producers
  • Get informed about all the new trends in the field of food and Greek production

From Friday 19 November 2021 to Monday 22 November 2022 at the exhibition stand A38-B34, of the 100% Hotel Show, more than 30 producers of premium products that have stood out for their quality, taste and innovation at both EXPOTROF and The DeliFair , as well as at the AFFA Awards, organized by RM International, presented their products to leading companies in the Hotel Industry, which took part in the exhibition.

Wine, beer, honey, cereals, natural juices, aromatic herbs, oil, butter and many other products monopolized the interest of the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition, stating the need to promote quality Greek food through tourism.

The RM International stand was supported by the following companies:

  1. Ammousa Brewery
  2. Annies Gourmet pop corn
  3. Ariston 
  4. Arritos herbal blends
  5. Asteras winery
  6. Efkrato 
  7. Eperion
  8. Etheleo
  9. Fteri Vinum Winery 
  10. In Beverages 
  11. Joice Foods
  12. kapasta
  13. kiro divine Creations
  14. Meat company Απόστολος Παπαδόπουλος 
  15. Milba Βουτυροκομείο 
  16. Mouriki Greek Premium Honey 
  17. Nutree
  18. Ottolina Caffe
  19. Sofie’s lemonade
  20. Verbio
  21. Yannos olive oil 
  22. Epirus Brewery
  23. Thesaromata – Giannis Karagounis 
  24. Papageorgiou Wines
  25. Lemonodasos
  26. Messiniaki Paradosi
  27. Daskalakis Family
  28. Portokalildis
  29. Grandma’s closet
  30. Fotis Pountos “O Fotis” 

We are pleased to inform you that RM International, the organizing company of the award-winning EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, the digital platform The DeliFair, and the Athens Fine Food Awards (AFFA), as part of its actions to strengthen and promotion of Greek producers and their fine products, participates in the most exclusive exhibition of hotels and tourism in Greece, the 100% Hotel Show.

The 100% Hotel Show is the most premium exhibition event for Hoteliers, Villa Owners, Tourism Professionals, and we will be there to promote and inform the hotel industry about the fine products of Greek producers, who have distinguished themselves in both natural and digital our exhibitions, as well as the quality and taste awards. From Friday 19 November 2021 to Monday 22 November 2022 you will find us at the exhibition stand A38-B34, at MEC Paiania. Να είστε όλοι εκεί!

A rich gastronomic program full of flavors and aromas is coming to the 8th EXPOTROF: The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, from 04 to 06 February 2022, at MEC Paiania.

Seductive wines, organic aromatic herbs, velvety and golden honeys, rich pasta, buttery cheeses, refined and gentle sausages, extra virgin olive oils, rich sauces, crispy freshly baked rusks and delicious beers from small Greek have the opportunity to get to know the visitors of the 8th EXPOTROF: The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, the biggest celebration of gastronomy!

Wine Corner

If you want to be informed about the beneficial properties of wine and choose the one that best suits your taste, all you have to do is visit the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition from 04 to 06 February 2022, at MEC Paiania. Producers with fine wines that stand out for their taste and quality are waiting for you in the specially designed Wine Corner to try them and learn about everything!

Beer Corner 

Dozens of Greek beers that most of the public will know for the first time, will flood the space of the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition and promise to delight the palates of thousands of friends of the exhibition and beer! For the first time in EXPOTROF, the Greek microbreweries will have their own special place in the Beer Corner section.

Bio Corner

In the 8th EXPOTROF: The Greek Fine Food Exhibition the certified organic products of the Greek land have their own special place. In a specially designed space, producers of organic and natural products have the opportunity to highlight their pure, high quality products in conditions that protect the specifics of each organic product.

Affa winners

Products from all over Greece that were evaluated by an experienced committee of gastronomy people, through the process of blind tasting and emerged for their quality organoleptic characteristics at AFFA 2021 will be at the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition so that the audience of the exhibition to has the opportunity to get to know them up close. In addition, during the exhibition, the products that stood out for their taste, quality of production, innovation and packaging will be awarded at AFFA 2022 ..

The 8th EXPOTROF honors in 2022 the region of Central Greece by giving the practical opportunity to companies and producers that are active within its administrative boundaries, to claim the position they deserve in the market of premium & fine food in the most appropriate and efficient way.

Evritania, Fokida, Fthiotida, Viotia, Evia with the wonderful dairy products, cold cuts, legumes, spirits and aromatic wines, star in the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, from 04 to 06 February 2022 at MEC Paiania.

In the most essential period of the Greek economy and entrepreneurship, the region of Central Greece supports its producers and participates with a single stand in the 8th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, contributing in practice to the development and strengthening of extroversion in the region. 8th EXPOTROF, always by the side of Greek producers who offer unique quality fine products, has prepared a variety of actions, through which the gastronomic diamonds of the region will be displayed in the best possible way.

We are pleased to announce the launch of AFFA 2022, an institution for quality and taste awards for small producers and delicatessens.

The Athens Fine Food Awards are organized for the second consecutive year by EXPOTROF and are currently the most important event for the evaluation and awarding of quality awards for Greek food. The application process starts on October 25 and ends on December 13, 2021. The evaluation will take place in January 2022 while the results and awards will be announced during the 8th EXPOTROF on February 4-6, 2022

Producers from all over the country can register with as many products as they wish and participate in the evaluation process by a special committee of professionals. The highly regarded and experienced jury consists of important chefs, winemakers, visual communications designers, wholesalers, olive oil judges, flavor journalists, f & b managers and other food professionals, and is a guarantee of credible credibility.

With consistency, professionalism, transparency, passion and a real vision for the evolution of the standard products of small producers, we designed and implemented a competition of high standards that make it unique.

Evaluation method

As a method of taste evaluation we chose the blind organoleptic test so that the members of the committee are not affected by any previous point of view about the product, the producer, its packaging or any other subjective condition. The judges fill in a special evaluation form with 25 different parameters [taste, aftertaste, body, etc], each with a different scoring weight, while the evaluation algorithm designed specifically for the competition, delivers directly – and electronically the product rating

Safety and care

The evaluation is done within a maximum period of 3 weeks from the receipt of the products and especially for the refrigerator and freezer products that are received last, within 5 days.

Eco friendly AFFA

Special biodegradable dishes, cutlery, paper towels and disposable cups are used for the evaluation, while where necessary, minimal preparation utensils are used which are cleaned with lukewarm water. The competition process takes place in a specially designed space and is electronic while the use of paper is not required.

2021 was the first year of the competition and more than 220 products participated, of which 76 were distinguished in the ranking, receiving from one to three quality stars. The distinction rate was 33% of the entries while many products were found close to the stars. 12 products were canceled as overdue or non-compliant with the Participation Regulations. The products with the highest score in their category won an additional award. The product with the highest score collected 19.61 points, while the one with the lowest 8.07. Honored person for 2021 with the corresponding award was selected by the jury Dr. Stavroula-Kourakou Dragonas for her important contribution to the development of Greek wine.


The activity B2B MARKETS, the new initiative of the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition jointly organized with FnB Daily, the industry’s most important newsletter, was successfully concluded. Its goal was to bring the exhibitors-producers in touch with the buyers of the largest Greek supermarket chains and grocery stores: Sklavenitis, ΑΒ Vassilopoulos, Metro/My Market, The Mart and Yolenis. 
During the first two days of the exhibitions, the exhibitors who had booked an appointment through the Exhibition platform had the opportunity to present their products to the buyers in a specially designed area within a specific time frame and with a pre-determined procedure. Even though the buyers’ time schedule was fully booked and the meeting duration was strictly monitored, many exhibitors who had not made an appointment, signed up on a waiting list and managed to meet the buyer of their choice.

A total of 323 meetings took place, some of which have good prospects for fruition.
Following this success and the satisfaction expressed by both exhibitors and buyers, the organizers of the event promised that it will be repeated in an improved version next year at the 8th EXPOTROF.


Hundreds of fine products from all over Greece competed for their innovation, packaging and taste in the “EXPOTROF 2020 Awards”, and were evaluated by an experienced committee of gastronomy people.

Through 24 different categories, and the blind tasting process, the jury rated and nominated 13 big winners and 45 winners.

EXPOTROF Taste Award 2020 For their special taste they were awarded in the categories:

Dry food: the sugar-free pistachio cream of the company AIAKION

Νωπό τρόφιμο: το καπνιστό συκώτι σολωμού της εταιρείας G-fish

Ελαιόλαδο: το Έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο της εταιρείας Ziro

Alcoholic beverages / Wine / Soft drinks / Beverages: the liqueur limoncello by Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets

Βραβείο Συσκευασίας ΕΞΠΟΤΡΟΦ 2020
Με το χρυσό βραβείο καλύτερης συσκευασίας τιμήθηκε επάξια το liqueur limoncello της εταιρείας Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets, ένα γλυκό αλκοολούχο ποτό με βάση το λεμόνι, το οποίο ξεχωρίζει για την γεύση, το άρωμα αλλά την χρυσή συσκευασία του.

The second place and the silver prize was won by the mixture of Greek herbs of the company Arritos Hellenic Herbs, with the modern, minimalist design of their packaging.

In third place were the cane olives Ω, of the company Christina and Margarita Kefala OE

Βραβεία Καινοτομίας ΕΞΠΟΤΡΟΦ 2020
Την πρώτη θέση στην κατηγορία βραβεία καινοτομίας κέρδισε το STICK STEVIA, της εταιρείας EC STEVIA SA,το 100% Φυσικό Επιτραπέζιο Γλυκαντικό με μηδέν θερμίδες, ιδανικό για δίαιτες.

In second place stood out the organic oregano of the company PAPADAKIS KONSTANTINOS “EROTOKRITOS” receiving the silver innovation award,

while in 3rd place and the bronze award was awarded to the cane olives Ω, of the company Christina and Margarita Kefala OE.

Export Product Awards EXPOTROF 2020 They made their first appearance and managed to stand out among dozens of products that participated in the debut product section. The reason for the products of the company Koukoulis Al – Galanis Mich OE (AIAKION) that won the 1st and 3rd place respectively. In the first place was found the pistachio cream without sugar, while in the third the pistachio cream.

In second place were the cane olives Ω, by Christina and Margarita Kefala OE, who won a total of 3 awards at the 7th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition.

In addition, 3 stars were awarded to:

Κουκούλης Αλ – Γαλάνης Μιχ ΟΕ (ΑΙΑΚΕΙΟΝ) Κρέμα φιστικιού χωρίς ζάχαρη
G-fish Καπνιστό συκώτι σολωμού
ARONIA FARM Γλυκό κουταλιού Αρώνια
ΚΩΑΚΗ ΓΗ Γραβιέρα 24μηνών ωρίμανσης
ΣΠΑΡΤΑ ΓΚΟΥΡΜΕ Kalamata Olive Paste – Πάστα ελιάς καλαμών
BELLISIMO Χειροποίητη σάλτσα ντομάτας με βασιλικό και ρίγανη
ΠΑΠΑΓΙΑΝΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑ-ΑΝΝΑ Χαλβάς με φράουλες και κακάο
ΚόRYS Organic Honey Βιολογικό μέλι Θυμαρίσιο KόRYS
ΠΑΠΑΓΙΑΝΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑ-ΑΝΝΑ Χαλβάς με σοκολάτα υγείας κακάο και αμύγδαλα
LEON FINE FOODS Σταφίδα κορινθιακή Σκιάς

The 2 stars were awarded to:

Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets LAZARIS γλυκό κουταλιού κουμ κουάτ
Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets LAZARIS Λικέρ Limoncello
ΖΗΛΟΣ Μέλι Θυμαρίσιο
ΚΩΑΚΗ ΓΗ Κρασοτύρι
Μυστρακη Ι Υιοι ΟΕ Παραδοσιακό Κρητικό παξιμάδι
Α & Ω ΚΙΒΩΤΟΣ – ΚΑΡΤΣΩΝΑΚΗΣ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ Παξιμαδάκι χαρουπιού με αμύγδαλο και σταφίδα
RAKS ΠΕΤΡΑΚΗΣ ΑΕ Παξιμάδι χαρουπιού αμύγδαλο
KORYS Βιολογικό μέλι Ελάτης
ΓΡΑΤΣΑΝΗΣ Ι.Κ.Ε. Τυρί φέτα Π.Ο.Π. δοχείο
G-fish Καπνιστός σολομός σε φέτες
Οινοποιείο – Εμφιαλωτήριο Δενέζης Νικόλαος Ερυθρός Ξηρός Δενέζη

While from 1 star it was awarded to:

Χριστίνα και Μαργαρίτα Κεφαλά ΟΕ Ελιές Καλαμών Ω
RAKS ΠΕΤΡΑΚΗΣ ΑΕ Ντακάκι χαρουπιού
G-fish Άλειμμα καπνιστού σολωμού
ΡΟΥΜΑΝΗΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΗΣ Μαρμελάδα Ιπποφαές χαρουπόμελο
Arritos Hellenic Herbs Μείγμα βιολογικών βοτάνων
ΚόRYS Organic Honey Βιολογικό μέλι Βελανιδιάς KόRYS
Κουκούλης Αλ – Γαλάνης Μιχ ΟΕ (ΑΙΑΚΕΙΟΝ) Κρέμα φιστικιού
ZIRO SITIA Εxtra Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο