“We cook Greece” in the 8th EXPOTROF

A rich gastronomic journey begins at the “Cooking Greece” of the 8th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition

A special gastronomic experience takes place in the kitchen of “We cook Greece” from 04-06 February 2022, at MEC Paiania.

Distinguished chefs, observing all the necessary protection measures, will offer a unique interactive experience to the visitors of the exhibition, introducing them to the secrets of the culinary art, but also to the specialties of their particular homeland.

Useful cooking techniques, secrets of everyday cuisine, but also gastronomic creations will monopolize the interest of the public of the 8th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition. A marathon of preparations and cooking “travels” the public to Crete, the Dodecanese, the Cyclades, Corfu, Macedonia, Central Greece and the Peloponnese through delicious local flavors. Savory and sweet preparations, local traditional products and original combinations invite the public to a unique tasty journey of memory and taste. At the 8th EXPOTROF, renowned chefs and sommelier guide us through the delicious paths of Greek cuisine, offering visitors to the exhibition the opportunity to taste unique gastronomic creations.