Admission Requirements

  • The organizing company and the exhibitors will send barcode invitations to industry professionals in order to visit the exhibition, which they will have to display at the entrance of the exhibition center. This invitation is valid only for 1 person, is personal and can not be transferred to a third party.
  • Those professionals who do not have any of the above documents, can visit the exhibition for free by filling in an invitation on the spot after showing their business card.
  • The organizing company reserves the right to verify the data to persons who carry a barcode or electronic invitation.
  • Infants, babies in prams and children under the age of 12 are strictly forbidden to enter.
  • The control will be carried out by a security company when the visitors board the exhibition buses and when they enter the exhibition center.
  • Upon entering and staying at the Exhibition, the visitor must follow and apply the valid at the time health protocols and instructions of the Organizer.