The Organizing Company RM International with a high sense of responsibility and always guided by the protection of the health of exhibitors and visitors takes all necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with the Protocol of health content of EODY which concerns the organization of trade fairs.

  • Allowed number of persons at exhibitors’ stands * (employees & visitors)

            • Up to 20 m2: 4 persons.

            • From 20 to 100 m2s: 4 +1 person every 10 m2.

            • Over 100 m2: 12  + 1 person every 15 m2 .

            * common areas and back offices are not included

  • Inside exhibitor stands, physical distancing regulations implemented in retailers, as well as regulations regarding the space between tables implemented in foodservice, will apply.
  • 1 visitor every 15 m2 will be allowed in the rest of the exhibition area (central exhibition, event spaces, common areas, corridors etc).

For the exhibition centre HELEXPO/MAROUSSI where the 8th EXPOTROF takes place that means 800 visitors at the same time.

  • Visitor attendance will take place through personalized digital invitations, which should be presented at the entrance of the exhibition center, where a complete list of names will be kept. Access to the trade show grounds will be allowed after temperature screening.
  • Exhibitor and staff attendance will be personalized. Access to the trade show grounds will be allowed after temperature screening. Name tags that will be displayed in prominent place throughout the stay at the exhibition center, are mandatory.
  • The width of the corridors between the stands should be increased by twenty percent (20%) compared to the width in previous years (3 m corridors width).
  • Exhibitors and staff are required to use non-medical protective masks within the main areas of the exhibition center.
  •  Numerous antiseptic stations for hand hygiene, at the entrance, in the common areas and in the dining areas within the exhibition.
  • The organizing company must develop a crisis management plan, which: a) will be posted in prominent places as well as in digital media b) will be sent to their customers/exhibitors, and c) will be available to the inspection authorities.