Olive oil, the esteemed ambassador of Greece and a vital component of our well-being, proudly takes the spotlight at EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition!

At EXPOTROF, we are thrilled to introduce the Olive Oil Bar, a specially curated space where participants can showcase their exceptional products through tastings. Leading olive oil expert, Mr. Yannis Karvelas, will graciously guide visitors through the intricacies of quality olive oil, illuminating the nuances of various varieties, acidity levels, and flavors. His expertise will not only enlighten those seeking the perfect olive oil but also provide valuable insights to producers on the evaluation criteria for premium offerings.

The Olive Oil Bar aims to offer participating exhibitors a multitude of benefits:

  • Present their exceptional products to a diverse and discerning audience.
  • Enhance the visibility and popularity of their distinguished labels.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with potential customers and buyers.
  • Foster valuable connections with fellow industry professionals.

Join us at EXPOTROF and let the Olive Oil Bar pave the way for your success in the world of fine foods!