The programme of the 10th EXPOTROF-The Greek Fine Food Exhibition

HOUR Saturday 03/02/2024
11:00Exhibition Opening
12.50COOKING GREECE: Region of Crete
13:00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Konstantinos Androutsos, Chief Marketing Officer at ROIX will present the latest trends in digital marketing and technology for both advertising and business development, focusing on food and the producer.
14.00COOKING GREECE: Alexandros Koskinas’ twenty years of experience in five-star hotels and award-winning restaurants will create a dish that combines techniques, local raw materials and new culinary philosophies exclusively for EXPOTROF.
14.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Glocal: The new gastronomy trend for 2024 by F&B Panagiotis Gkugoulidis
14.30COOKING GREECE: The Executive Pastry Chef of Athens-MGallery, Nadia Makrygianni, guides us through the world of hotel sweets!
15.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Konstantinos Pantelis, CEO of ANODOS CONSULTING, analyses in Food Export Stories the ways of Business Financing & Quality Management Systems.
15.00COOKING GREECE: The executive chef of Marathia restaurant, Michalis Marthas and the Master of Gelatiere Konstantinos Karakatsanis prepare for the audience of EXPOTROF a dish with products of the producers
15:45FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Discussion Panel of the New Generation New Agriculture Organization on “Flavours and Opportunities: An event on inclusion in food entrepreneurship”
16:00COOKING GREECE: R&D Chef Yannis Giannitsas cooks live, tasting new flavours combined with local products of EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition
17.00COOKING GREECE: Pastry Chef Panos Zarentis gives Valentine’s Day its due importance so that you don’t throw it away even after the celebration is over!
17.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: The Journalist and Marketing Consultant analyses in EXPOTROF’s Food Expert Stories how senses and good branding lead to increased sales.
17.30COOKING GREECE: Chamber of Serres
18.00Grand Opening
HOUR Sunday 04/02/2024
11.00COOKING GREECE: Region of Attica
12.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Service Excellence expert, Dr. Ilianna Katsaridou, analyses how a business can create the right experience for its customers
12.50COOKING GREECE: Region of Central Macedonia
13.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Journalist and Marketing Consultant Dora Michael spoke to FOOD EXPERT STORIES about the Do’s & Dont’s for healthy businesses
13.30FOOD EXPERT STORIES: The President of the Hellenic-Sudanese Chamber, President of Zeos & iwg, George Gamaris talks to FOOD EXPERT STORIES about microbrewing in Greece.
14.00COOKING GREECE: Haris Zevgoulis, Executive Chef of Electra Metropolis Athens, cooks live for the audience of EXPOTROF and reveals secrets of high gastronomy
15.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Miltos Bandinakis discusses with industry experts how certifications help businesses in practice
15.00COOKING GREECE: The self-taught Head Baker of Line Athens, Phaedra Mavroidis Swana will be invited to answer with arguments the crucial question “Why yeast?”
15.30COOKING GREECE: Region of South Aegean
16.00COOKING GREECE: R&D Chef Yannis Giannitsas cooks live, tasting new flavours combined with local products of EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition
16.16FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Marketing consultant Themis Sarantaena, gives useful tips on how to differentiate your products giving value to your business
17.00COOKING GREECE: Chef Lena Karelou bets on the stage of Expotrof that a ceviche can speak Greek!
17.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Discussion Panel:Olive Oil Present & Future
18.00Athens Fine Food Awards (AFFA 2024)
HOUR Monday 05/02/2024
11.00COOKING GREECE: Region of West Macedonia
13.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: Communication Analyst-Crisis Manager, amp strategies Alexandra Brattis discusses with industry professionals about the readiness of Greek businesses in crisis management
13.15COOKING GREECE: The Consulting Chef from Domaine Sigala & Domaine Kir-Yianni, Kyriaki Fotopoulou, takes to the stage of Cooking Greece and shares with us valuable gastronomy tips.
14.00COOKING GREECE: The Head Chef of the Japanese “Kinjo Japanese Restobar”, Nikos Politakos takes to the stage of EXPOTROF and prepares a signature dish exclusively for the exhibition
15.00FOOD EXPERT STORIES: With the help of its guests on the panel, the Organisation New Generation Agriculture follows the path of food from the land to the plate, based on sustainability.
15.00COOKING GREECE:The R&D chef of Mezze Athens takes to the stage of Cooking Greece, gives a step to meze and makes it modern! 
16.00COOKING GREECE: Region of Central Greece