Olive Oil Bar: The “liquid” gold stars in the 10th EXPOTROF

Olive oil, the invaluable elixir of our well-being and the ambassador of Greece worldwide, will be the focal point of attention at the 10th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition!

Join us at this year’s EXPOTROF for a unique experience at the specially curated Olive Oil Bar. Discover and showcase your exceptional products through engaging tastings. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!

Mr. Yannis Karvelas, an expert in olive oil, will guide exhibition visitors through the secrets of exceptional olive oil. He will delve into the diverse varieties, acidities, and flavors, while enlightening those seeking guidance on selecting the perfect olive oil. Additionally, he will educate olive oil producers on the essential criteria for evaluating a premium product.

At the Olive Oil Bar, the exhibition will showcase the exceptional products of the olive oil producers. With specially designed labels, they will present their exquisite offerings. Visitors can explore a diverse range of premium olive oils curated by Mr. Karvelas, all in one convenient location.

The objective of the Olive Oil Bar is for the exhibitors to:

  • Showcase their products to a vast audience
  • Boost the recognition of their brand.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with prospective customers and buyers to foster valuable connections and establish fruitful relationships.
  • Engage in professional networking within the industry to foster meaningful connections and expand your network.

This year’s anniversary event pays tribute to the exquisite premium products of Greek production!