SPONSORS - ΕΞΠΟΤΡΟΦ 2021 - The Greek Fine Food Exhibition

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With an eye on boosting Greek gastronomy and Greek producers, the internationally acclaimed independent hotel management company HotelBrain is backing EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition as a Gold Sponsor. HotelBrain, the leading hotel management company actively supports initiatives and actions that promote the creative development of domestic gastronomy and the significant efforts of the regional producers by being present as a Gold Sponsor of EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition. This comes to fulfill its defined strategy to support the Greek regional businesses, and in particular in two of the country’s most dynamic sectors, tourism and gastronomy.


IEK AKMI, the largest educational force in the field of Food and Tourism, is vigorously participating for the third consecutive year in EXPOTROF -The Fine Food Exhibition as a Training Sponsor. Well trained students from Food, Hotel and Financial Management majors will staff positions which are crucial to the functioning of the Exhibition, supporting all parallel events with multi-membered working groups.


The history of ALUMINOX begins in 1929 when Emmanouil Chiladakis founded a small company for the production of commercial kitchen equipment. Today, after a long 70-year presence in the food service sector, ALUMINOX has acquired significant experience in high-tech products and their support. Our efforts during all these years have made ALUMINOX a well known and respected company in all markets. As a result, our operations have expanded and so has our annual export turnover.


FnB daily is the new daily e-newsletter, that comes to meet the information needs in the food and beverage industry. It is published every day, Monday through Friday, with all industry news.


The Guide to Greek Gastronomy aims to inform its visitors about all the goods and values of our gastronomic culture. Places and landscapes, products and people, history and tradition, events and rituals, markets and entrepreneurship, flavours, recipes and local cuisines, unfold in front of you in such a way that every region can be set up as a culinary destination.


Organic Life: The whole market in one guide!!!
Organic Life is an annually issued guide that is distributed (mostly free) throughout the year. At the same time, this magazine-guide is also available online, aiming to inform both the consumer and the professional about the latest developments in the fields of organic products and alternative therapies.


The co-operation of EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition with the Metropolitan College and their well-trained students continues, demonstrating in practice the excellent education these students receive. Metropolitan College established in 1982 now offers more than 66 accredited Bachelors and Masters degree programmes, in collaboration with seven leading International Universities, at its state-of-the-art facilities in Athens, Maroussi, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Crete, Rhodes, Larissa with a total area of 21,700 sq.m.. It stands out for the high quality of its university programmes and its distinguished academic staff. In addition, it is the only College in Greece that is a member of the Compostela Group of Universities International Network of Universities.


A magazine for wine, beer and alcoholic beverages.



We are at the service of professionals who are involved in accommodation, nutrition and entertainment for over half a century. We make sure that our goods meet all hygienic and ergonomic conditions. We minimize our profits and deliver goods to the market at attractive prices. We have managed to anihilate the time lag between the order placement until its completion. Fifty years of experience have given us the right to believe that the solutions we are choosing result in us having loyal and satisfied customers.


The Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism, in coordination with the Union of Arab Chambers, in cooperation with the Council of Arab Embassies accredited in Greece and with all Arab Federations and Chambers of Commerce. Its headquarters are in Athens. Its scope of business covers Greece and the entire Arab world. The purpose of the Chamber is to develop and promote economic and commercial relations between Greeks and Arabs in all business sectors. 


The Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Athens was founded in 1952 with the aim of developing and promoting economic and commercial cooperation between Greece and Italy. The Chamber’s significant contribution to the development of trade relations between the two countries was officially recognized by the Italian state under the law 518/1970. A member of the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce (Assocamerestero) present in fifty countries worldwide and officially recognized by the Greek state, it is the most trusted partner of Italian companies active in the Greek market and Greek companies looking to expand their business in neighbouring Italy.


The Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1924. It aimed at promoting and developing the commercial and business relations of the two countries. The Chamber, which processes about 15,000 commercial requests annually, is the official representative of the largest exhibition organizations in Germany and provides legal and commercial / financial advice.


The Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce was founded in Athens in 1995, with the initiative of Greek and Russian businessmen and operates as an independent, non-profit association under private law.
The need for strengthening and developing Greek-Russian contacts in order to develop trade and investments between the two countries makes the Chamber a reliable advisor to the business community of both countries.

The Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce has about 300 members: businesses, legal entities, business organizations, as well as individuals from Russia and Greece who are active in all sectors of the economy.


The Hellenic-Chinese Chamber of Commerce is an institutional, non-government, non-profit organization for Greek and Chinese companies (legal or natural persons), active in the markets of China or Greece, respectively. The chamber, approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was established in 1995 by Presidential Decree 576 / 27-7-95 and its main mission is to actively and systematically support the promotion of business and economic relations between Greece and China so that, in the long run, China becomes one of Greece’s main business and financial partners. Today it is internationally recognized and widely accepted as it is highly esteemed by the Greek and Chinese Governments and related Government Organizations.


With the main purpose of developing Greek-Turkish trade relations, the Hellenic-Turkish Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in cooperation with the corresponding Turkish team , is trying to build a climate of trust and reciprocity.