Detailed EXPOTROF 2023 side events calendar from 04/02 to 06/02

12:00Cooking Greece | Region of Thessaly
12:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of LEMONOFARMA company 
13:00Food Expert Stories |Digital Trends 2023
13:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of  LAZARIS DISTILLERY & ARTISAN SWEETS company 
14:00Cooking Greece | Region of North Aegean
14:00Food Expert Stories |The producer’s 10 steps to success
14:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of VALTINGER BEER company 
15:00Food Expert Stories |Strategies for growth revenue in the restaurant
15:00We cook Greece | Michael Chatzikalimeris
15:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of DRAINA WINERY company
16:00Cooking Greece | Thodoris Moisidis
16:00Food expert Stories |Food innovation
16:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentantion of HATZIIOANNOU WINERY company 
17:00Food Expert Stories |Influencer Marketing & Negative Review Management
17:00Cοοκing Greece| Region of Attica
17:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of KARMA BEER company
18:00Cooking Greece | Drama Hotel Association
18:00Grand Opening 
19:00Cooking Greece | Region of Central Macedonia
19:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of KONSTANTINOPOULOS WINERY company
HOURSUNDAY 05/02/2023
11:00Cooking Greece | Region of Western Macedonia
11:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of GG HELLENIC ALOE LTD company
12:00Cooking Greece | Region of Crete
12:00Food Expert Stories |How to differentiate your products adding value to your business
12:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of EVENOS – BLACK LEMONADE company
12:30Food Expert Stories | The new order of things in wine tourism: Inspiring a New Future Together |José Antonio Vidal
12:50Cooking Greece | Region of Central Macedonia
13:00Food Expert Stories |10 service mistakes at the restaurant
13:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of BUNDABERG GINGER BEER company
13:45Food Expert Stories |Food Business Certification – Market Penetration
13:45We cook Greece | Dimitris Boutsalis
14:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of MATIS DISTILLERY company
14:15We cook Greece | Alexandros Koskinas
15:00Cooking Greece | Stamatis Tsilias
15:00Food Expert Stories |How can traditional Greek cuisine evolve?
15:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of TRIPODAKIS WINERY company
15:30We cook Greece | Mirsini Lambraki
16:00 Cooking Greece | Manolis Stithos & Erasmia Balaska
16:00 Food Expert Stories |Food Quality Management Systems & Business Financial Tools
16:00 Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of AKRITOS OINOS company
16:30 Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of Georgiadis Canteen company
17:00 Cooking Greece | Region of South Aegean
17:00 Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of FTERI VINUM WINERY company
18:00 Ceremony of AFFA 2023 awards
HOURMONDAY 06/2/2023
11:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of DR ANDEL – KOSKERIDOU AGGELIKI company 
12:00Cooking Greece | Region of Western Greece
12:00Food Expert Stories |Create a successful concept
13:00Cooking Greece | Sakis Venetis
13:00Food Experts Stories |What customers want
13:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of  TOKALI DISTILLERY company
14:00Cooking Greece | Michael Zacharis
14:00Food Expert Stories |FOOD STORIES: Challenge Accepted!
14:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of AMMOUSA BEER company
15:00Cooking Greece| Food Pairing
15:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of AITHRA SPIRITS company
15:30Food Expert Stories |100 Best Bars & Restaurants for 2023
16:00Cooking Greece | Visarion Parthenis
16:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of TONINO LAMBORGHINI company
17:00Cooking Greece | Iakovos Apergis
17:00Drinks & Spirits | Presentation of EFROSINI WINERY company
19:00End of Exhibition