How the Hosted Buyer Program Works

Hosted Buyer Program Steps

1. The buyer has to fill out the application form. Τhe application can be a) approved b) rejected c) forwarded for more information due to inadequate details

2. When a buyer is approved, the Hosted Buyer Team (HBT) schedule an online meeting with the prospective buyer for further information.

3. Upon approval, the prospective buyer receives an acceptance letter from the HBT and until 31/12/2024, the buyer should reply with the flight ticket and its purchasing receipt in order to proceed to the next step.

4. The buyer receives from HBT his/her login details for entering the custom B2B EXPOTROFonline platform so that he/she can search through the exhibitors’ list and pre-arrange B2B meetings with those of his/her interest.

5. HBT will send online all the prerequisites to the buyers for their entrance in the exhibition (aka badges, qr codes, parking entrance etc)

6.  The buyer needs to inform the reception staff about their arrival and show the badges (qr codes) for the entrance in the exhibition.

7. The reception staff will distribute to the buyer the documents required for meeting with the exhibitors.

8. The reimbursement of 300€ is made after the end of the show and after ensuring that the buyer has attended at least 10 B2B meetings with our exhibitors. The reimbursement regards only international buyers visiting from abroad.