Alexandra Manou, Author at ΕΞΠΟΤΡΟΦ 2021 - The Greek Fine Food Exhibition

The exhibition that became synonymous to quality renews its rendezvous for the 8th year in a row



The activity B2B MARKETS, the new initiative of the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition jointly organized with FnB Daily, the industry’s most important newsletter, was successfully concluded. Its goal was to bring the exhibitors-producers in touch with the buyers of the largest Greek supermarket chains and grocery stores: Sklavenitis, ΑΒ Vassilopoulos, Metro/My Market, The Mart and Yolenis. 
During the first two days of the exhibitions, the exhibitors who had booked an appointment through the Exhibition platform had the opportunity to present their products to the buyers in a specially designed area within a specific time frame and with a pre-determined procedure. Even though the buyers’ time schedule was fully booked and the meeting duration was strictly monitored, many exhibitors who had not made an appointment, signed up on a waiting list and managed to meet the buyer of their choice.

A total of 323 meetings took place, some of which have good prospects for fruition.
Following this success and the satisfaction expressed by both exhibitors and buyers, the organizers of the event promised that it will be repeated in an improved version next year at the 8th EXPOTROF.

βραβεία εξποτροφ 2020

Some among the thousands of products from all over Greece stood out as an experienced gastronomy committee, having blind-tasted dozens of products, distinguished the best for their innovation, packaging and taste, in the context of “EXPOTROF AWARDS 2020”

Within 24 different categories and through a blind tasting procedure, the committee rated and highlighted 13 products as great winners and 45 as deserving a distinction.

EXPOTROF 2020 Taste Award
For their distinctive taste, the awards were presented to the following products by category:

Dry food: the sugar-free pistachio cream of AIAKEION company.

Raw food: the smoked liver of salmon of G-fish company.

Olive Oil: the extra virgin olive oil of Ziro company

Alcoholic Beverages/Wine/Refreshments/Drinks: The Limoncello liqueur of Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets company.

Packaging award EXPOTROF 2020
The Gold Award for best packaging went to the limoncello liqueur of the Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets company: a lemon based liqueur, standing out for its flavour, aroma but also its golden packaging.

Second place and Silver Award went to the Greek herb mix of Arritos Hellenic Herbs, with the modern, minimalist design of their pack.

Third place and Bronze Award went to Kalamata olives Ω, of Christina and Margarita Kefala OE company.

Innovation Awards EXPOTROF 2020
First place and Gold Award in the innovation category, went to the STEVIA STICKS of EC STEVIA SA company, the 100% natural zero-calorie Table Sweetener, perfect for diets.

Second place and Silver Award went to bio oregano of PAPADAKIS CONSTANTINOS “EROTOCRITOS” company.

The third place and Bronze Award went to Kalamata Olives Ω, of Christina and Margarita Kefala OE company.

New Product Awards EXPOTROF 2020
They made their debut on the market and managed to be distinguished among the dozens of products included in the new product section. We are speaking about the products of Koukoulis Al. – Galanis Mich OE (AIAKEION) that won 1st and 3rd places respectively. In the first place was the pistachio cream without sugar, and in the third place the pistachio cream.

Second place and Silver Award was claimed by the Kalamata Olives Ω, of Christina and Margarita Kefala OE company, which won a total of 3 awards at the 7th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition.

Furthermore, three stars were awarded to:

Koukoulis Al. – Galanis Mich OE (AIAKEION)Pistachio cream without sugar
G-fishSmoked liver of salmon
BABOUNIS FAMILY CREAMERYArseniko cheese of Naxos, Babounis
ARONIA FARMAronia Spoon Sweet
KOAKI GIGruyere, matured for 24 months
SPARTA GOURMETKalamata Olive Paste
BELLISIMOHand made tomato sauce with basil and oregano.
PAPAGIANNOPOULOU MARIA-ANNAHalva with strawberries and cocoa
ΚόRYS Organic HoneyOrganic Thyme Honey KόRYS
PAPAGIANNOPOULOU MARIA-ANNAHalva with bitter chocolate, cocoa and almonds
LEON FINE FOODSCorinthian Shade raisins

Two stars were awarded to:

Lazaris Distillery & Artisan SweetsLAZARIS Kumquat Spoon Sweet
MOUTEVELIS SAUSAGESSausage with feta cheese
Lazaris Distillery & Artisan SweetsLAZARIS Limoncello liqueur
ΖILOSThyme Honey
KOAKI GIWine cheese
Mystraki I Sons ΟΕTraditional Cretan rusk
Α & Ω KIVOTOS – KARTSONAKIS EYAGGELOSCarob rusk with almond and raisin
RAKS PETRAKIS ΑΕCarob rusk with almond
KORYSOrganic Fir Honey
GRATSANIS Ι.Κ.Ε.Feta cheese P.D.O.
G-fishSmoked salmon in slices
Denezis Nikolaos WineryDenezis Dry Red

One star was awarded to:

Christina and Margarita Kefala OEKalamata Olives Ω
RAKS PETRAKIS ΑΕCarob rusk (“dakos”)
G-fishSmoked Salmon Spread
ΡΟΥΜΑΝΗΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΗΣ sea-buckthorn jam, carob honey
Arritos Hellenic HerbsOrganic herbs mix
ΚόRYS Organic HoneyOrganic Oak honey KόRYS
Koukoulis Al. – Galanis Mich OE (AIAKEION)Pistachio Creamm
ZIRO SITIAΕxtra Virgin Olive Oil

Athens, 28/1/2020

expotrof 2020

The greatest gastronomy celebration took place from Friday January 24th to Sunday January 26th for the first time in its new location, the Helexpo exhibition Center Maroussi!

Thousands of visitors visited the  7th  EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, at Helexpo Maroussi exhibition center, to try the most unique products from all over Greece!

This year, the exhibition’s Region of Honour was Crete, and EXPOTROF visitors had the opportunity to taste authentic high quality products from the participating producers, as well as traditional recipes from the Cretan land.

As in every other year, along with the exhibition, the Greek cuisine aficionados were able to follow a series of events focusing on food, in which the Greek products were the stars of the show. The section “Cooking Greece”, where the EXPOTROF ambassador, beloved and award-winning chef Argiro Barbarigou, with the help of the main presenter Eva Parakentaki and acclaimed chefs such as Kostas Bougiouris prepared culinary creations inspired by every corner of Greece, was the focal point of all three days of the exhibition.

For the 2nd consecutive year, the units “Bio Corner”, an area dedicated to organic products, as well as EXPOTROF Masterclass, where exquisite drinks from the exhibition were paired with specialty cold cuts and cheeses, introduced excellent products to professionals and friends of gastronomy alike. The newly formed sections of “Honey Bar” and “Beer Corner” initiated visitors to the worlds of honey and Greek beer.

A special surprise was the participation of producers from Calabria, bearing however a Greek…fragrance. 27 producers, through the AGORA CALABRIA programme of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Athens, shared with us local products such as wine, pasta, cold cuts, olive oil, sweets, coffee, cheeses, ice creams, sauces and much more.

This year’s EXPOTROF is a milestone, in that more than 323 business meetings took place; for the first time the exhibitors-producers came into contact with the buyers of the largest Greek supermarket chains and grocery stores: Sklavenitis, ΑΒ Vassilopoulos, Metro/My Market, The Mart and Yolenis. In these meetings, the exhibitors had the opportunity to present their products within a specific time frame and with a pre-determined procedure. The activity titled Β2Β Markets powered by FnB DAILY is an initiative of Rm International (Expotrof organiser) and was co-organized with FnB Daily, the industry’s most successful newsletter. Following this success and the satisfaction expressed by both exhibitors and buyers, the organizers of the event promised that it will be repeated in an improved version next year at the 8th EXPOTROF.

Some among the thousands of products from all over Greece stood out as an experienced gastronomy committee, having blind-tasted dozens of products that impressed the visitors of the exhibition, distinguished the best for their innovation, packaging and taste, in the context of “EXPOTROF AWARDS 2020”.

The HotelBrain Group was the Gold Sponsor for the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, while the various functions of the exhibition were staffed with the help and valuable contribution of ΙΕΚ ΑΚΜI (Institute of Vocational Training ΑΚΜΙ).

Pale, dark or striking reds, alcoholic or alcohol-free, trappist, organic, clarified or not: beers and lagers, most with super original design will all be present in the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition.

Dozens of Greek beers, most of which the public will meet and taste for the first time, will be introduced during the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition promising to delight the palates of thousands of exhibition visitors and beer fans alike!

For the first time in EXPOTROF, Greek breweries will have a whole “islet” available to showcase their products at the Exhibition Central Festival, on Level B of HELEXPO in the special Beer Corner section.

From the 24th to the 26th January 2020, Greek producers from all the regions of the country with a deep knowledge of the art of brewing will have the opportunity to present their excellent products and introduce visitors to the secrets of good beer, while exhibitors will have the opportunity to taste, be informed and buy draught or bottled beers of their choice.
Furthermore, the microbrewers of the exhibition will participate in the Cured Meat and Beer Masterclass Αλλαντικά και Μπύρα, where will guide the public in the world of harmonious pairing of special cured meats with the most distinctive beers from the Greek microbreweries.

The Gastronomy Communities by George Pittas for the first time at the 7th EXPOTROF

The Gastronomy Communities – Gastronomy and Wine Τourism, the most ambitious action programme in the field of Gastronomy and Tourism, will make their first public appearance at the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, 24-26 January 2020. They will present the project that began in 2019 while ten regions of the country will show us examples of the first phase of their action.

The Gastronomy Communities – Gastronomy & Wine Tourism have been created by the Greek Gastronomy Guide and George Pittas, whom we met through his work at the Hotel Chamber of Greece as head of the Greek Breakfast programme and his writings in the field of gastronomy.

The action of the programme extends all over Greece and aims to highlight the wealth of Greek Gastronomy, through the mobilization of professionals organized in the Gastronomic Communities of each region.

The innovative Gastronomic Communities program is at the heart of Tourism’s new trends because:

  • It reveals the identity of destinations, highlighting the authenticity of each place and enabling the public and modern travelers interested in getting to know local cultures, to live intense experiences.
  • The stars of these life experiences are the best local gastronomy professionals who wish to work together to create and display the holistic image of their place.
  • Through seminars, education and joint actions, a change of the Greek mentality is attempted, so as to embrace the values of collectivity and collaboration.
  • The state-of-the-art digital technology is exploited and the promotion of the culinary treasures each place has to offer is ensured by targeted extrovert actions.

The actions of the programme Gastronomy Communities – Gastronomy & Wine Tourism include the following consecutive phases:

  1. Establishment of a Gastronomic Community for each destination (15-30 persons) through a high-speed training programme.
  2. Creation of the gastronomic portfolio of the region.
  3. Creation of a digital guide to the protagonists of every culinary destination.
  4. Production of a printed guide for the gastronomic destination.  
  5. Presentation of each gastronomic destination in its own location and in its entirety (products, tastings, display of culinary resources), so that the project can be made known to and embraced by the local community.
  6. Extroversion actions. Organization of farm trips and press trips, participation in national and international exhibitions.

The objective of the action, as George Pittas poetically notes in the epilogue of his book “Gastronomic Communities – Gastronomic Destinations” is:

“Gastronomic Communities will be called upon to play a leading role in a new era, where partnerships will dance tango with individual ambitions, hopes will not fade into the solitude of personal paths, and faith in the common good will not be a distant vision.”

Mr. Pittas, thank you for the honor and for the pleasure you gave us by introducing the Gastronomic Communities through our exhibition; we vouch that we will always stand by your side.

expotrof fnb daily

An important initiative from the 7η EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition for its exhibitors

In the context of the 7th EXPOTROF– The Greek Fine Food Exhibition (24-26 January 2020, Helexpo Maroussi, Athens), the section Β2Β Markets powered by FnBDAILY is inaugurated. The aim of this initiative by the exhibition organizers is to bring the producers / exhibitors through high quality B2B appointments in contact with the buyers of the largest supermarket chains and food stores:ΑΒ Vassilopoulos, Metro / MyMarket, TheMart, etc. The exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products at a specific time and with a pre-specified procedure.

Business appointments will be well organized in advance and will take place in a specially designed Helexpo venue inside the exhibition center in Kifissias Avenue in Maroussi, on Friday 24/01 and Saturday 25/01 2020 . Τ

This action allows the exhibitors to make quality meetings and present their products in a calm environment rather than under the conditions of exhibition pressure. This is an important initiative aimed at promoting the quality and uniqueness of local products, stimulating business activity and enhancing extroversion.

This action is the result of the strategic co-operation between the companies Notice Content and Services (FnBDaily) and RMI (EXPOTROF).
For further information call Mrs Eva Tsioni on 210 3634061.

Faithful to its commitment to quality Greek products and their promotion, the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition is organizing for the second consecutive year the EXPOTROF Masterclass section, designed to bring fine food lovers in contact with the best Greek products.
With the valuable assistance of acclaimed chefs, sommeliers and tasters, visitors will enjoy a journey of taste in the realm of Greek products through different categories of masterclasses designed to highlight the quality and specificity of each product.

The EXPOTROF Masterclasses aim to connect places, people, stories, companies, products and above all flavors, through a harmonious presentation of excellent Greek products to professionals and consumers; visitors will have the opportunity to attend by pre-booking.
7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition selects unique Greek products among those of its exhibitors and organizes 10 tasting trips: special tasting sessions, that take place throughout the exhibition. The sessions start with a press masterclass (special presentation to gastronomy journalists) as a launch session. Communication with the producers and the Masterclass preparation is handled by Chef Stories

• Charcuterie & Beers
• Cheese & Wine
• Honey & Herbs
• Salted Fish, olives and accompanying distillates

*The duration of each seminar is 2 hours.

10 different 2-hour Masterclass sessions in 4 unique categories:

  • Cheese and Wine– Evgenia Koutouvela of will initiate us to wine tasting of the Greek vineyard and the ideal food pairing.
  • Charcuterie and Beer – guide us in the world of harmonious pairing of special cured meats with sophisticated beers from greek microbreweries.
  • Salted Fish, olives and accompanying distillates  – In the EXPOTROF Masterclasses greek distillates accompanied by selected salted fish products and greek olives, are in the centre of attention!
  • Honey and Herbs – Fragrant honeys, delicate herbs, drinks and infusions, all promoting wellness, are presented to uplift those attending the EXPOTROF Masterclasses. Hosted by

* Participation in the EXPOTROF Masterclasses is free of charge. However, since there is a limited number of seats, priority will be respected.

Aluminox, a world-renowned industrial and commercial company in the field of mass food services, is participating in the 7th Expotrof- The Greek Fine Food Exhibition as equipment sponsor.

Aluminox, recognizing the importance of enhancing Greek gastronomy and domestic producers, is actively participating for a second year, presenting innovative products that contribute to the modernization of dining areas.
With a history that starts in 1929, Aluminox celebrates 90 years in the field of professional equipment for hotels, restaurants, camps, penitentiaries and educational institutions, presenting to the Greek and international markets the most innovative solutions while facilitating and simplifying procedures for the kitchen staff.

About Aluminox 
Aluminox is considered as one of the greater industrial and commercial companies in the mass food services sector. With 90 years of experience in professional dining equipment, it has earned both Greek market and worldwide recognition. Since 2000 it is located in its new premises occupying an area of 14,000 m2, of which 7,500 m2, is covered space with 500 m2 available exhibition space.
All Aluminox products are manufactured and designed by qualified scientific personnel and are in compliance with the most stringent standards in the world, such as USPH standards and European CE, as well as H.A.C.C.P.  Aluminox covers its customers nationwide with its After Sales Service, and through its exclusive network of partners. It is worth noting that it is constantly developing innovative products that are awarded with patents.

Exports of its products cover 4 continents, namely:

  1. Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands)
  2. USA
  3. Far East: (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore)
  4. Africa: (South Africa, Egypt)

Aluminox offers a wide range of products that meet the most stringent hygiene rules, such as that of the United States Public Health Service (U.S.P.H.). The range of Aluminox products includes:
• Preparation equipment
• Hot kitchen equipment
• Equipment for dishwashers, for plates, cups, etc.
• Bar equipment
• Refrigerator and freezer equipment
• Self Service furniture equipment and stainless steel constructions (worktops, work tables, cabinets, shelves, etc.)

The Institute of Vocational Training IEK AKMI, the greatest educational force in the field of Food and Tourism Professions, participates in the 7th EXPOTROF -The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, 24 to 26 January 2020 at HELEXPO-MAROUSSI.
Well trained students from the School of Tourism & Gastronomy and sectors of Catering, Hotel Management and Economics, etc. will staff key positions in the exhibition, supporting with multilateral working groups the total number of parallel workshops of “Cooking / Drinking Greece” and the MasterClasses.

By their side, the leading chefs, pastry chefs and acclaimed partners of IEK AKMI will stand once again as supporters; with their systematic guidance the students’ dream for important distinctions in the area of gastronomy can be materialized.
In fact, the renowned chefs and students of IEK AKMI will invent delicious creations inspired by the flavors and aromas of Greece especially for the audience of the exhibition.

Finally, throughout the duration of the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to visit the specially designed booth of IEK AKMI and be updated in detail by education consultants regarding the study programmes available.

Accepting the proposal of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce, EXPOTROF opens its arms and welcomes Calabrian producers and special local products in a distinct section of the exhibition.
The visitors of 7th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition will have the opportunity to become acquainted with a wealth of flavours from a region of the neighboring country where taste brings … familiar memories.
Calabria was colonized in antiquity by Greeks and was part of Magna Grecia. In many areas a Greek dialect is spoken, the “Graikanika”, while there are many Orthodox Byzantine churches. It is a favorite destination for Greek visitors as there is a strong affinity with this region of Southern Italy and its people.
During 7th EXPOTROF – The Fine Food Exhibition, 27 producers of the region share with us local products such as wine, pasta, cured meats, olive oil, sweets, coffee, cheeses, ice creams, sauces and much more through the AGORA ‘CALABRIA programme presented by the Greek Italian Chamber of Athens.
The programme aims to promote local Calabrian products and establish a network of collaboration with Greek businesses of the food sector.
From the 24th to the 26th of January 2020, therefore, the exhibition will host a large group booth dedicated to Calabria. During that time, each of the participating producers will have the opportunity through specific and pre-organised meetings to meet Greek businesspeople of the food sector (such as importers, traders, distributors, representatives) who are interested in these producets and wish to develop new co-operations. Furthermore, during the exhibition product presentations and tastings have been planned so that every visitor can taste and get to know these products in the best possible way.