5th EXPOTROF: Gastronomic surprises at “Cooking Greece”

Posted 9 Ιανουαρίου, 2018 by expotrof

Four days full of gastronomic surprises and top Chefs reserved for its guests the subversive cuisine of “Cooking Greece” during the 5th Food and Beverage Exhibition EXPOTROF.

In the rich program of the parallel events of the 5th EXPOTROF stands out “Cooking Greece” where Lefteris Lazarou and renowned chefs are preparing inspirational recipes, using special products of our country. Highly significant is the presence of Father Epiphanios, Chef of Mount Athos, who will bring the flavors and aromas of Monastic cuisine to the kitchen of “Cooking Greece”. However, Mrs. Athina Gaboura will give a special note, who is the Executive Chef Vegan Cuisine of the restaurant “The kitchen of mum Anna” from Servia of Kozani, which will present the Vegetarian Cuisine.

If you want to find out what the taste of the hospitality is, don’t miss The Taste of Hospitality by HotelBrain, where three chefs of the award-winning, independent HotelBrain,Hotel Management Company and Gold Sponsor of the 5th EXTOTROF, will present three dishes connected to the enjoyment of the hotel’s experience.

A special moment in the kitchen “Cooking Greece” of the 5th EXPOTROF is the presence of highly dynamic Tinos Food Paths. It is a collective action of residents and professionals of Tinos, aiming to promote the gastronomic culture of the island but also more broadly in the Aegean.

However,  they could not fail to have their dynamic presence from the 5th EXPOTROF, the Chef Clubs of  Dodecanese and Cyclades, Crete, Peloponnese, Corfu, Attica “Acropolis” and the Honored Region of Central Greece, which guide us through their traditional recipes through live cooking.

Undoubtedly, its own vibes at the Kitchen of  “Cooking Greece” gives the “Drinking Greece-DRINK MEZZE”, where the talented bartender Kostas Basis and his experienced team create subversive cocktails based on our national beverages, which are accompanied by the excellent dishes of “Cooking Greece”. Of course for wine lovers, the ultimate destination is “Wines of Greece”, a unique wine gathering that will highlight both Greek wines and the important work of local winemakers.

View the full program of “Cooking Greece”: