The Gastronomy Communities by George Pittas for the first time at the 7th EXPOTROF

The Gastronomy Communities – Gastronomy and Wine Τourism, the most ambitious action programme in the field of Gastronomy and Tourism, will make their first public appearance at the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, 24-26 January 2020. They will present the project that began in 2019 while ten regions of the country will show us examples of the first phase of their action.

The Gastronomy Communities – Gastronomy & Wine Tourism have been created by the Greek Gastronomy Guide and George Pittas, whom we met through his work at the Hotel Chamber of Greece as head of the Greek Breakfast programme and his writings in the field of gastronomy.

The action of the programme extends all over Greece and aims to highlight the wealth of Greek Gastronomy, through the mobilization of professionals organized in the Gastronomic Communities of each region.

The innovative Gastronomic Communities program is at the heart of Tourism’s new trends because:

  • It reveals the identity of destinations, highlighting the authenticity of each place and enabling the public and modern travelers interested in getting to know local cultures, to live intense experiences.
  • The stars of these life experiences are the best local gastronomy professionals who wish to work together to create and display the holistic image of their place.
  • Through seminars, education and joint actions, a change of the Greek mentality is attempted, so as to embrace the values of collectivity and collaboration.
  • The state-of-the-art digital technology is exploited and the promotion of the culinary treasures each place has to offer is ensured by targeted extrovert actions.

The actions of the programme Gastronomy Communities – Gastronomy & Wine Tourism include the following consecutive phases:

  1. Establishment of a Gastronomic Community for each destination (15-30 persons) through a high-speed training programme.
  2. Creation of the gastronomic portfolio of the region.
  3. Creation of a digital guide to the protagonists of every culinary destination.
  4. Production of a printed guide for the gastronomic destination.  
  5. Presentation of each gastronomic destination in its own location and in its entirety (products, tastings, display of culinary resources), so that the project can be made known to and embraced by the local community.
  6. Extroversion actions. Organization of farm trips and press trips, participation in national and international exhibitions.

The objective of the action, as George Pittas poetically notes in the epilogue of his book “Gastronomic Communities – Gastronomic Destinations” is:

“Gastronomic Communities will be called upon to play a leading role in a new era, where partnerships will dance tango with individual ambitions, hopes will not fade into the solitude of personal paths, and faith in the common good will not be a distant vision.”

Mr. Pittas, thank you for the honor and for the pleasure you gave us by introducing the Gastronomic Communities through our exhibition; we vouch that we will always stand by your side.