Greek Dish Challenge: The ingredient invites to a challenge - ΕΞΠΟΤΡΟΦ 2021 - The Greek Fine Food Exhibition

A different test of creativity comes to the kitchen of the 7th EXPOTROFThe Greek Fine Food Exhibition to challenge distiguished chefs and bartenders to to showcase the materials of the Greek land in the most unique competition.

Seductive spices, aromatic herbs, velvety and golden honeys, rich pasta full of flavours and memories, buttery cheeses, delicate cured meats, extra virgin olive oils, sun-dried tomatoes from the island, rich sauces that smell of the countryside, crispy freshly baked rusks, delicacies baked in the saltiness and white light of the Aegean are just some of the treasures of the small Greek producers who fill our table on a daily basis with delicious food of high nutritious value.

So, for the first time in the context of the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition and of the first Greek Dish Challenge, renowned Greek chefs are invited to bring out an ingredient through a unique invitation / challenge.

One chef, one producer, one ingredient, two dishes!

greek dish challenge

On the central stage of the 7th EXPOTROF- The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, each one of the chefs invited will be able to create two different dishes with one ingredient presented to him shortly before the beginning of the exhibition, using his knowledge, imagination and technique. The jury, made up of gastronomy experts and lucky visitors among the exhibition’s public, will vote for the dish that brings together all those features but also brings out the basic ingredient.

And that’s not all! The challenge is not limited to the plate but it also fills our glass, as well-known bartenders have accepted the challenge of presenting their own versions, deserved;y representing the global trend of Mediterranean bartending.

Greek products are versatile while the recipes of Greek cuisine, which is a frugal cuisine, have always been based on the quality of the raw material.
The Greek Dish Challenge invites the chefs τους σεφ, the bartenders, the producers and the public to comprehend and give prominence to the amazing progress that has been achieved in Greek production in recent years.
At the Greek Dish Challenge, Greek chefs and bartenders create recipes and present their own versions, using delicious ingredients and products generously provided by the Greek land and produced by small Greek producers.