EXPOTROF goes beyond the bounds of a simple fair and becomes a unique interactive, entertainment and recreation event as it’s even more richful in Parallel events. Specifically, during EXPOTROF, several pleasant surprises are waiting for you, such as:

Greek Chef 2017

Cooking Greece: A unique gastronomic experience takes place in the kitchen of «COOKING GREECE», where Lefteris Lazarou and accomplished Chefs prepare inspired recipes, using special products of our country. Additionally, certificated Chef Clubs from all over Greece offer a unique interactive experience for visitors of 5th EXPOTROF, getting them into the secrets of cooking art and the specialties of their homeland. The public ‘travels’ in Crete, Dodecanese, Cyclades, Corfu and Peloponnese and enjoys the delightful local tastes prepared by the top Chef Clubs. Doubtless, the heart of EXPOTROF beats strong at the event ‘Cooking Greece’, since the public has the opportunity to attend a preparation and cooking marathon leading to the ultimate tasting destination.

3rd PanHellenic cooking contest GREEK CHEF:
The contest which became an institution, highlighting the next great chefs of our country, records for the third consecutive year its successful course. EXPOTROF and Chef Clubs from all over Greece, co-organize the 3rd PanHellenic cooking contest GREEK CHEF 2018 with the look turned both in the promotion of local products and our rich gastronomic heritage, as in the beneficial quality of the Mediterranean nutrition. Furthermore, the participation of distinguished Greek chefs in the jury combined with the high level of contestants contribute significantly to the success of the competition, raising the bar for unique gastronomic creations.

Drinking Greece: When Greek traditional beverages meet the last trends in the field of mixology, the result is becoming intoxicating. The talented bartender Kostas Basis and his experienced team create subversive cocktails based on our national beverages combined with special spirits and Greek herbs. A party full of perfumes, flavors, music and positive mood takes place at the event ‘Drinking Greece – DRINK MEZZE’, since in this special event the specific beverages create a perfect food pairing with special gastronomic creations under the custody and presentation of the distinguished Chef Lefteris Lazarou. Of course, the baton of creation get many other distinguished Chefs, which they ‘testify’ their own inspired suggestions. Discover the multifaceted personality of the traditional beverages of our land through special suggestions which worthy compete international scaled cocktails.