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The exhibition which became a landmark event for the category of Greek food and beverages from the first expo opens its doors for the second year in a row: 2nd EXPOTROF from 30 January to 2 February 2015, at Olympic Fencing Center in Greece, put in other words, the most important appointment of the year for industry professionals and the most enjoyable experience for young and older visitors.
EXPOTROF works on the projection and promotion of Greek Food, Drinks and Traditional Products in Greece and abroad, and it is already sponsored and supported by Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food, covering the categories of the whole range of professionals revolving the industry, from large corporations to small producers and local units, and extending to Equipment and Food Technology, for the first time this year.

Being a complete meeting of all the factors involved in the production, packaging, marketing and distribution of food and beverages, EXPOTROF is a vital attempt with dual role, both wholesale, in a specially designed area “F & B Commercial Hall”, and retail, in “Greek Market Hall”. Designed and to be a crucial point of opportunity for exhibitors to choose according to their needs and priorities, the exhibition provides them all ideal conditions for strategic partnerships, contact with key players in the export trade, and unique visibility, sales opportunity and contact with the largest consumer audience of the country.

During these critical years for Greek exports , EXPOTROF has managed to win the support and collaboration of a number of major transnational commercials committees such as Greek-Russian, Greek-Chinese, Greek –Turkish and Greek Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce. Because of its gravity, importance and global cooperation, now provides best conditions for Greek products’ promotion in these countries’ markets and the abilities of B2B meetings between our producers with business groups and trade representatives of the Central and Western Europe. It is also worth to mention the preference of Greek Regions in EXPOTROF, especially those representing the island country with many fine products and growing dynamic course.

Specifically, Region of Crete, the Northern and Southern Aegean regions as well as the Region of Ionian Islands are officially taking, with last Region chosen to be honoured as “ 2015 EXPOTROF Region”. So, special local food and drinks, excellent nutritional value and cooperatives and the productive forces of Ionian, are urged to obtain the deserved merit in domestic market and the best export way worldwide.

For each visitor, regardless of sex and age, the EXPOTROF remains true to its principles, as an enjoyable gastronomical experience that transcends the boundaries of a single exhibition. With rich side events, as was the “Cooking Greece”, “Drinking Greece”, “Greek Beer Experience” and others, is emerging as a unique kind of escape from the routine, while being a great attraction for thousands of people, from Athens and throughout the country. Furthermore, for four whole days, EXPOTROF emerges as the most excellent escape from everyday life for thousands of people from Athens and across the country. A hearty, literally and figuratively, interactive event that writes its own history in the Greek food and beverage industry, while embraced and loved by thousands of consumers.
EXPOTROF 2015 is being organized by RM INTERNATIONAL, which with 23 years of experience in organizing over 50 successful exhibitions in almost all the exhibition centers of Attica, hosting over 1,000,000 visitors to date. A name that in every project, becomes the protagonist of the advancement of exhibition organizing, setting new standards in professionalism, consistency, reliability and reciprocal benefits.
We expect you all, not only those who visited last year and experienced the first event but also those who did not visit, to identify with all your senses that every time a single event can be even more satisfying, more festive, more enjoyable for all visitors and even more interest, essential and effective for every exhibitor: the unique exhibition Food and Drink EXPOTROF.

30 January – 02 February 2015
Olympic Fencing Center
Hellenikon, Athens, Greece

Official opening will take place on Friday 27/01/17 at 19.30
Friday27/01/201712:00 - 20:30
Saturday28/01/201710:00 - 20:30
Sunday29/01/201710:00 - 20:30
Monday30/01/201710:00 - 17:00


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