The 3rd Greek-Russian Symposium on EXPOTROF 2014

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“By promoting Greek products in the Russian market: Food and drinks”

25-26 January 2014



The Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the organization of the 3rd Hellenic Russian Export Symposium: “Advancing Greek products in the Russian market” in Athens on 25-26 January 2014.

Since penetration of existing opportunities in the Russian market for Greek businessmen and interest to extend Greek-Russian business cooperation, the 3rd Greek-Russian Export Symposium held in parallel and with food and beverage “EXPOTROF-2014”, which is dedicated to companies and professionals.

Hosting a major Russian shipping potential partners – buyers, the Symposium will be an important meeting platform for businesses extroverted Greek economy, which will list the specifics of the Russian market and will also provide fertile ground for the promotion of Greek products in the Russian market.

The Russian delegation will consist of representatives dynamic import companies, including: chain supermarket, importers, wholesalers, and Russian experts on issues certifications, customs procedures, banking procedures, logistics and other important factors of the business community of Russia.

As part of the symposium will provide direct communication among Russian and Greek entrepreneurs through prearranged business meetings B2B.

In close collaboration with the exhibition event “EXPOTROF-2014” which has as its task to promote the industry to support the cooperation between business and also give new impetus to Greek exports, the Flowed make another form of promotion of Greek food and potonkai calls all branch companies of Greece to take part in the event.

For details and enrollment in the Symposium and B2B please contact Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce at 210 69 81 127, 211 700 7043 or e-mail:,

The exhibition “EXPOTROF-2014” lasts from 24 to 27 January 2014 and performed at the Olympic Fencing Centre in Athens. For details and enrollment in the report contact the organizing committee of “EXPOTROF-2014 ‘to 210 96 101 35 or e-mail: info@trofima-pota.

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