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EXPOTROF 2014: A report on visitor experience and professional

The largest Exhibition of Food & Drink Traditional Greek Products
1st EXPOTROF 2014

held at the Olympic Fencing Center, in Greek from Friday 24 to Monday, January 27.

For the first time, the whole world of Greek food and beverage concentrated in one organization, in one place, in a celebration of joy and taste!

In EXPOTROF 2014 – which was themed FOOD-BEVERAGES-TRADITIONAL TASTE-involved 165 companies and professionals from all over Greece, engaged in primary production and marketing, food and beverage. Participated companies and producers from one end of Greece to the other, from Crete, the Peloponnese, Magnesia and Pelion, islands of the North Aegean and the Cyclades, Arcadia, Messolonghi, Florina and Soufli.

Over 30,000 visitors, mostly professionals and consumers, found at the Olympic Fencing Center, which was flooded with Greek flavor and color, the four days of the exhibition.

The inauguration of EXPOTROF celebrated Friday, January 24th the Region of Northern Aegean Mr. Athanasios Giakalis. Attended also the Deputy Head of Crete Ms Theano Vrentzos the antiperifereiarchis Lesvos Mr. Hercules Ververis and the Secretary General of ESO Mr. Panos Leivadas.

Under EXPOTROF 2014 organized the 3rd Greek-Russian Export Symposium on 25 and 26 January, on “Promoting Greek products to the Russian market”

The significant effort extroversion paid by Greek companies engaged in the primary sector, the cooperation of the report with the Greek-Russian Chamber opened a path of cooperation and a channel of communication between Greek producers with a market multiple opportunities and contexts, such as the purchase of Russia.
Under EXPOTROF and Symposium to fifty (50) B2B meetings Greek producers with Russian buyers. The Greek products, especially those in the periphery (where we have many important producers) were tested by the Russians and reached to open a path of cooperation and shut, even, commercial agreements.

Also, thanks to the cooperation of EXPOTROF the most important Greek export vector, SELETROPE given an opportunity to Greek producers – especially oil producers, honey, cheese, chewing gum, etc. – for twenty (20) constructive meetings with a select international shipping merchants and purchasing agent for the further promotion of products abroad.

The Olympic Fencing Center, for four whole days, flooded Greek color and flavor.

The EXPOTROF 2014 became a unique celebration of joy for all visitors thanks to three parallel events: “Cook Greece”, “Drink Greece” and “dance Greece.”

“Cook Greece»

The beloved chef Lefteris Lazarou, who was the guest of honor of the event, the event ‘Cook Greece’ cooked alive, along with other renowned Chef professionals from every corner of our country and was treating the guests local specialties.

Meanwhile, the Chefs Club Crete (Chefs of Crete) prepared dishes from Crete, known for their taste and unique nutritional value.

“Drink Greece»

By “drink Greece” the bartender K. Basis create cocktails that showcase the spirits of Greek ouzo, raki and of our wines and locally produced beer. It proposes Peftasteri, with passion fruit, mandarin orange with accents of anise ouzo, the sweetness of honey and the freshness of the mint and the Milanella, which distinguishes the contrast of green apple with the sweetness of cinnamon and zest of raki in harmony with the foam of lemon.

“We dance Greece»

Also, the musical event “Greece dance ‘music and dance ensembles from Greece erected a solid, authentic, traditional Greek feast, in the evening Saturday, January 25th at 19:00. An authentic traditional spree gave opportunity to the visitors and participants to spend unforgettable!

Moreover, in the context of social responsibility of the EXPOTROF based voluntary organization for children “The Smile of the Child”, offering one euro from each individual ticket for support centers and family child’s body throughout Greece.

A unique in size and importance of the organization, with the care and experience of RM INTERNATIONAL, the company with 23 years history in organizing successful exhibitions.

We renew our date for second EXPOTROF


24-27 January

Olympic Fencing Greek

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