The first EXPOTROF emerged in the report “surprise” last season as the visitors surpassed 25,000. At the same time, the organization aired with great success in television channels (including, ANT1, ALPHA, STAR, SKY, Neritan and many local TV channels), many radio shows with live responses, the majority of large electronic news web portal in specializing in food and drink and great social networking pages. Meanwhile, the first EXPOTROF intrigued visitors from all over Greece and abroad.


One of the reasons the 1st EXPOTROF established as a unique celebration of joy for all guests were parallel events. Highlight of the event was the award-winning Michelin Starred Chef Lefteris Lazarou and the event ‘Cook Greece “where along with renowned professional chefs from every corner of our country, such as Chefs Club Crete, cooked and were offered the visitors local specialties and delicacies. At the same time, the music and dance “dance Greece” with local cultural associations and groups from all over Greece Greek gave a unique touch to the event.

Given that this section has seen tremendous success and visibility, we have already planned similar events for the 2nd EXPOTROF. This time, however, exhibitors and participants will have the opportunity to showcase further as we launch a new advertising energy, « sponsored stand ».

Another important moment of 1st EXPOTROF was to organize the 3rd Hellenic Russian Export Symposium: “Advancing Greek products in the Russian market” during the exhibition during which important meetings with Greek producers and Russian businessmen (more here, here and here) . Given the penetration opportunities in the Russian market for Greek businessmen nobody understands the utmost importance of the parallel organization of the symposium during the exposure and opportunities arising from this action. Finally, in the framework of the promotion of Greek products abroad, the organization hosted a major trade mission representatives S.EL.E.TRO.P.E. (Hellenic Association of Importers of Food & Beverage Foreign) during the exhibition, which held important meetings with Greek producers (more on http://goo.gl/F0KQav).


Based on the factual record we made during the previous event visitors to the exhibition are divided into the following categories:

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